The impressive “HoneyComb” in Albany, Nassau, Bahamas.


Imagine stepping onto your own balcony and having a dip in your own private pool?

The Honeycomb is a luxury mid-rise development incorporating 34 units each with their own private swimming pool – and it’s an absolute jaw-dropper architecturally. Engineering a balcony to support a small pool with an acrylic panel is no easy feat – especially considering the pools are 4 feet deep with acrylic panels and filtration systems. The structure has to accommodate the weight of the water and the pool itself. The beauty of stainless steel pools are their light-weight nature (three times lighter than concrete). Stainless steel vessels are fully welded and, under normal operating conditions, are leakproof and watertight with lower maintenance costs, reducing risks of water damage to underlying surfaces.

Having been working on-site for the past 6 years, Bradford Products US are proud to have provided the custom stainless steel vessels for this impressive building, a collaboration between Bjarke Ingels Group, HKS Architects and Michael Diggiss Architects.

And the great news is, Bradford Products Australia have the expertise and facilities in place to accommodate a commercial pool project of this sophistication in the Southern Hemisphere. If you’re keen to put yourself on the map architecturally, or you have a complex pool design in mind, we would love to help make your vision a reality.



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