Stainless Steel Pools & Spas for Wellness Centres

Create the experience you want

Our stainless steel pools and spas are ideal for wellness centres because of their versatility in shape and design, and their durable, low maintenance properties.

Bradford have been leading the way in design and manufacture of stainless steel pools and spas for 30 years.

Let us work with you to create an unforgettable relaxation experience for your guests.

wellness centres pools and spas

Our Wellness Offerings:

  • Steam Rooms: with steam, aroma, lighting, and sound in 100% humidity.
  • Saunas: wood surfaced room which uses perspiration as means to detoxify the body and skin.
  • Heated Loungers: custom tiled surfaced, which releases a gentle heat to sooth the body, temperature control capable of warming to 20 degrees above ambient temperature, custom configurations, and accent lighting.
  • Experience Showers:several body jets release scented water, creating contrasting shower experiences. These jets range from a warm tropical downpour to cool water, releasing a fine scented mist.
  • Private Heaven:an experience shower, which includes the same features as a experience shower, but includes the use of steam.
  • Hammam: allowing a series of increasing temperatures followed by a rub down, a massage, and finished off with a cold shower.
  • Rasul: a small room with increasing temperatures for the use of a mineral rich Moroccan mud to cleanse and detoxify the skin followed by a shower.
  • Arctic Rooms: allowing guests to experience a rapid cool down effect, often containing one of our Ice Fountains.
  • Ice Fountains: the ice fountain produces ice flakes to be rubbed on the body which stimulates circulation and facilitates the cooling of the body.
  • Laconium: a dry, gentle seating spa that originated from the spas of ancient Rome.
  • Caldarium: a high temperature range and the option of aromatic essences in the steam.
  • Vitality Tub: with features such as hydro back benches, champagne bubbles, body massage stations, hydrotherapy jets, and a neck message water feature.

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