Our Manufacture Process

Our skilled team from engineers to welders will bring your concept designs to life at our state-of-the-art facilities in Melbourne, Victoria.

Depending on your project specs, your product will be constructed as one-piece or in separate parts ready for installation. Your CAD drawing designs are cut to 1 mm accuracy, then folded, pressed and welded where required. 

As part of our manufacturing process, all vessels are pickled to remove impurities and passivated to provide a protective layer preventing corrosion. A static water test is completed in factory (if vessel is fabricated as a complete unit) or on site after installation.

When it comes to tiling, we use an epoxy adhesive and grout that’s a proprietary Bradford product. These products are especially designed to adhere to stainless steel, allowing for deflection and acting as a barrier to chlorinated water.

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Bradford Products is a world leader in the design and fabrication of custom stainless steel pools, spas, water features and specialty wellness products.

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