Commercial pool design and manufacture is complex. When all the elements align, you get a pool that ticks along swimmingly for the long-run. When they don’t…

You get a pool that can be costly to maintain, lacking aesthetic appeal or wow factor and disrupting works onsite because of structural, design or installation problems.

So, how do you get commercial pool design and manufacture right? What are the essential elements that ensure aesthetic appeal, structural integrity, reduced disruption to works during installation and long-term cost savings?


1. Briefing & Planning

The initial phase to any commercial swimming pool project involves gathering specific information that determines how a pool should be designed, fabricated and installed. Ideally, briefing stage involves all the key players for the project; architects, developers, engineers and – where necessary – aquatic specialists.

All the important criteria that goes into designing and manufacturing a pool are explored and determined during this initial phase, including environmental and technical implications, plumbing and design schematics and site access conditions.


2. Drawings & Specs

This information is then detailed in a project specification document and recorded into AutoCAD drawings and life-like renderings to ensure the pool design concepts are carried out into construction successfully.

Some of the criteria detailed in the project specification and drawings include:

  • Pool dimensions
  • Type of structural base (steel beams or concrete)
  • Hydraulics
  • Lighting & Plumbing
  • Filtration
  • Finishes


3. Engineering & Manufacture


Precise Engineering

The engineering process for a commercial pool – especially a stainless steel pool – can be intricate. Skilled technicians and advanced technology play a critical role in minimising errors and delivering accuracy.

Precise engineering techniques can strengthen structure, save costs and reduce installation time. For example, Bradford Product employs the use of CNC laser cutting and CAD engineering, which ensures precision fabrication to within 1mm of design specs, reducing margin for error during installation phase.

We also laser cut the stainless steel, which is then bent and formed to minimise weld seams adding strength to the vessel. Using 200 tonne brake equipment, the stainless sheets are bent at predetermined points and ready to be assembled on the shop floor.


In-house Fabrication

When you employ a pool company that manufactures in Australia, you’re supporting the Australian economy as well as local families. Bradford Product vessels are manufactured in our state-of-the-art factory in Dandenong South, Victoria, enforcing the highest standards of quality control, maintaining production schedules and lead times, and ensuring efficient, fast and consistent processes.

All of our vessels are plumbed to stub-outs for ease of access and installation. After plumbing is complete, vessels are filled with water then pressure tested and checked for leaks.

Vessels can be fabricated in-house as one complete vessel or in sections (depending on site access) and delivered to site ready for installation, causing less disruption to other works.


Onsite installation

Efficient and speedy installation is critical to achieving your desired project completion dates. Because Bradford vessels can be loaded onto transport and shipped from our facility direct to the job site, either fully fabricated (where site conditions and transportation allow), or broken into sections when vessels are too large, installation is faster than the installation of concrete vessels where the process takes longer and there is greater margin for error.

Bradford pool sections are lifted from the trucks and brought in by crane, set in place, and levelled. The pool is permanently tied into its load-bearing structure and the sections welded back together by Bradford’s onsite team, during which the vessel is fully bonded.


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