A rooftop pool can add incredible value to your commercial project… with the right implementations

If you’re considering a rooftop pool for an existing building or development project, you’re probably already aware of the benefits – they’re economical, they save space, enhance liveability, provide a sense of luxury and, of course, take advantage of an elevated view position.

Rooftop pools can be an asset to any hospitality enterprise or commercial project, but there are essential engineering and structural considerations you need to be aware of before committing to a commercial pool manufacturer.

Structural Engineering

Putting water above a residential, office or retail space has risks. The structure has to accommodate the weight of the water and the pool itself. The problem with standard concrete pools is that concrete is heavy and corrodes over time forming cracks that allow water to leak through to substructures below. Stainless steel pools are three times lighter than concrete pools with greater durability. When installed and maintained correctly, they don’t crack, peel or leak.

Vibrations (caused by people jumping or diving into the pool) also need to be minimised to protect the substructure. Ideally, rooftop pools should be built as floating tubs, separate from their buildings. Bradford pools incorporate acoustic isolation springs set between two steel plates. Each pack is capable of supporting several tonnes of water and they’re pre-compressed so they only start to move when the pool is almost full of water. They disrupt vibrations from the pool and prevent them reaching the substructure.

Another structural factor to consider is how high the floors below need to be to accommodate a pool above. Again, the beauty of stainless steel is that its lightweight nature requires less supporting substructure meaning more available space for room height.

Building Movement

Buildings and substructures move all the time, usually because of movement in the ground, depreciation of building fabrication or foundation failures. This is a problem for concrete pools because of concrete’s rigid nature and vulnerability to cracking. Stainless steel, on the other hand, withstands the natural movement of buildings better than concrete and allows for watertight welded fabrication, reducing risks of water damage to surrounding and underlying surfaces.


Rooftops are often difficult to access, making installation challenging. Obviously, the faster the installation the less disruption to other works. Access permitting, prefabricated pools can be delivered and installed in one piece, reducing onsite construction time and installation costs. When a project is too large or the site has limited access, prefabricated, pre-plumbed sections can be craned or carried into place. Typically, the architect, contractor, or builder supplies a level, load-bearing engineered surface to sit the vessel on. In many cases, the integral frame is all the structural support required for the pool vessel itself.

Wow Factor

Obviously the purpose of installing a rooftop pool is to add visual and functional appeal to residents or hotel guests. Rooftop pools add value to a commercial project when they utilise their surrounding space and environment to enhance liveability. So you want to make sure your pool manufacturer is versatile and unrestricted when it comes to design and options, including shape, materials and finishes.


Bradford Products lead the way in world-class aquatic design to create custom, stainless steel pools, spas and water features that transform spaces into something extraordinary. Backed by our 25-year warranty, our products are refined, lightweight and high strength custom vessels. Now manufacturing in Australia, we’d love to work with you on your next commercial project to create a stunning, long-lasting stainless steel swimming pool that’s an asset to your commercial project.

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