There’s a perception that stainless steel pools lack versatility… and it couldn’t be further from the truth.

Because thanks to precise engineering and advanced technology, our custom stainless steel pools now offer more design flexibility than ever. Here’s why.

Any size, any shape

Thanks to advanced in-factory technology and machinery, stainless steel pools can be created to any size or shape. And because the engineering is so precise, the completed vessel is manufactured to within 0.1mm accuracy of the original design plans (eliminating margin for error come installation phase).

Quality features

From water walls and calming reflecting pools to cascading water falls and infinity edges, stainless steel has the design versatility to create extraordinary features for that added wow-factor.

Our team can advise you about the wide variety of options available to create a unique and stunning feature that transforms your commercial project into something special.

A choice of finishes and trims

There’s incredible versatility when it comes to the aesthetic appearance of a stainless steel pool. At Bradford Products, we offer a range of finishes to create the look you want:

All Stainless Steel (with a non-directional buffed finish applied to interior surfaces) for a clean and contemporary look.

Tile Trim (stainless steel and tile). In a spa for example, tile is inlaid into all horizontal surfaces (floor, seats, stair treads, waterline and top lip), leaving the foot well and walls in buffed stainless steel.

Full Tile where the entire interior surface is clad with tile without any visible stainless steel (when it comes to tiling, we use an epoxy adhesive and grout that’s a proprietary Bradford product).


Bradford’s leading expertise in world-class aquatic design enables us to create custom stainless steel pools that transform your space into something extraordinary with nature’s most dynamic element. Our skilled designers and engineers collaborate with you to create a finished product that’s unique and aesthetically stunning.

Bradford Products is a world leader in the design and fabrication of custom stainless steel pools, spas, water features and specialty wellness products.

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